March 2013


20MAR2013 Clumsy Solutions by Petar Sardelich LMFT/PT/MAC in abandonment, abuse, addiction,anxiety, behavior, boundaries, counseling, critical thinking, depression,ego, emotions, feelings, friends, intimacy, letting go, loss, marriage and family therapy, mental health, mindfulness, Pasadena, perception,philosophy, principles, psychologist, psychology, relationship,relationships, responsibility, sadness, self esteem, self help, self worth,service, spirituality, suffering, therapist, therapy, treatment Tags:addiction, counseling, depression, loss, pasadena therapist, principles,psychology, self esteem Edit For many years now, I’ve noticed something that I think is pretty interesting. We all have similar problems.  Problems of love, death, loss, fears, mistakes, power, our bodies, work, school, relationships, resources, abuse, abandonment, depression, addiction, self worth [...]