Links & Resources

Relevant Links

Here is a list of websites that I’ve found useful for a lot of psychology, psychiatry, “self-help” and mental health related issues. Of course, I hope that you’ll use me to get help with obtaining other specific needs, resources, and referrals.

My Associations

Local Mental Health Agencies

Resources for Recovery/Support

Peers, Additional Therapy-Related Resources:

  • Will Simmons LICSW
    Will is a friend and colleague (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker) in Salem, Massachusetts, available for individual services and consulting.
  • Julia Suh/Nourished By Hand
    Julia provides craniosacral therapy and bodywork interventions, with a focus on perople that have suffered trauma of all types.

Non-Therapy Related Sites- Friends, Other Pursuits

  • Steve Grody, Downtown Self Defense
    Arguably one of the world’s greatest combatives instructors.
  • OHM
    Since 2002 I’ve been lucky enough to do engineering, co-production, live sound, tour and etc with my favorite working band, OHM.
  • Polcat
    In 2011 I engineered a side project with Chris Poland (from OHM), Frank Catalano (Miles Davis, Seal, others), Sean O’Bryan Smith (Larry Carlton, Michael Brecker, Keith Urban, others), and Jim Gifford (Guthrie Govan, JG3, others).
  • Slashdot
    Science and technology news.
  • Edge
    Edge is a fantastic source of intellectual curiosities/information of all kinds.
  • Our World in Data
  • Daily Nous
  • The Conversation
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education