March 2013


20MAR2013 Clumsy Solutions by Petar Sardelich LMFT/PT/MAC in abandonment, abuse, addiction,anxiety, behavior, boundaries, counseling, critical thinking, depression,ego, emotions, feelings, friends, intimacy, letting go, loss, marriage and family therapy, mental health, mindfulness, Pasadena, perception,philosophy, principles, psychologist, psychology, relationship,relationships, responsibility, sadness, self esteem, self help, self worth,service, spirituality, suffering, therapist, therapy, treatment Tags:addiction, counseling, depression, loss, pasadena therapist, principles,psychology, self esteem Edit For many years now, I’ve noticed something that I think is pretty interesting. We all have similar problems.  Problems of love, death, loss, fears, mistakes, power, our bodies, work, school, relationships, resources, abuse, abandonment, depression, addiction, self worth [...]

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April 2012


18APR2012 From the “Something That Came Up Today” Department… More on “Stopping” by Petar Sardelich LMFT/PT/MAC in addiction, anxiety, behavior, counseling, depression, feelings, psychology, relapse prevention, self esteem, therapist Tags: addiction, counseling, depression, feelings, mental-health, psychologist, self esteem, therapist Edit Truth, it comes up a lot. We’re all trying to “give up” some stuff, trying to stop doing some things, but often have difficulty doing it.  Aside from a blog I wrote about this a while ago, we might [...]

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March 2012


26MAR2012 Solving Problems by Petar Sardelich LMFT/PT/MAC in abuse, anxiety, behavior, depression, grief, loss, principles, therapy Tags: abuse, anxiety, behavior, depression, grief, loss, mental-health, pasadena therapist, principles, therapy Edit When “solving problems” in addition to good “issue identification”, “diagnosis” (or whatever), it’s really important to examine methods/means to diminish or solve these problems, and have those methods be principled.  As Huxley opined: “We are so anxious to achieve some particular end that we never pay attention to [...]

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October 2011


05OCT2011 by Petar Sardelich LMFT/PT/MAC in clinical supervision, marriage and family therapy, Pasadena, private practice, therapist, therapy Tags: clinical supervision, marriage and family therapy, Pasadena, pasadena therapist, private practice, therapist, therapy Edit Yes!  As of today, I have one less supervisee… Brendan Thyne passed the second section of his licensing exam!  He has always been a fantastic therapist, and this is a great thing to happen for everyone, patients and colleagues alike.  [...]

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January 2011


23JAN2011 A Quick Note by Petar Sardelich LMFT/PT/MAC in addiction, adolescents, bullying, clinical supervision, communication, counseling, depression, marriage and family therapy, private practice, psychology, self esteem, self worth, service, therapist Tags: addiction, adolescents, bullying, clinical supervision, communication, counseling, depression, marriage and family therapy, pasadena therapist, private practice, psychology, self esteem, self worth, service, therapist Edit Quick note from Partners in Recovery about the work we’ve been doing. They can now be found on Facebook: “Petar Sardelich, MFT, MAC, LPT, has joined Judy McGehee, MFT in supervising La Verne [...]

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July 2010


02JUL2010 by Petar Sardelich LMFT/PT/MAC in awareness, consciousness, depression, emotions, grace, happiness, life coaching, loss, mindfulness, philosophy, principles, psychologist, self esteem, self help, spirituality, therapist, wisdom Tags: awareness, consciousness, depression, emotions, grace, happiness, life coaching, loss, mindfulness, pasadena therapist, philosophy, principles, psychologist, self esteem, self help, spirituality, therapist, wisdom Edit You may remember being a kid, and having someone suggest you write an essay about the person who influenced you most.  With the exception of a musician or two, the person that is likely that for me is Sheldon Kopp.  I was given his most [...]

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June 2010


19JUN2010 PSA for Clients and Therapists by Petar Sardelich LMFT/PT/MAC in addiction, communication, counseling, depression, feelings, grief, letting go, life coaching, loss, parenting, principles, relapse prevention, relationship, shame, therapy Tags: addiction, communication, counseling, depression, feelings, grief, letting go, life coaching, loss, parenting, pasadena therapist, principles, relapse prevention, relationship, shame, therapy Edit This is sort of a PSA for clients and therapists alike.  Therapy is not the answer to our problems of relationships, depression, grief/loss, addiction, taking food from others, communication, our sense of broken-ness/low self worth/shame, loneliness, etc.  Therapy isn’t [...]

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